Introducing Zita

What is Zeorex

About Zeorex Company

Zeorex is a Technological company focused on the development of Blockchain Systems, and Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Programs using Machine Learning pattern of programming.

Zeorex comprises of Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, Engineers and Hedge Fund Mangers. It's the merging of this four set that brought about this marvelous idea.

About Zeorex Application

Is a Social Investment platform having a crypto currency and Blockchain as its core feature.
A social investment platform SIP is a collaborative system that allows individuals to jointly contribute to the capital of an investment.

With the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Algorithm Trading we present a multi trading strategy A.I called ZITA, she can run series of trade on the Stock, Forex, and Crypto market successfully and also learn trading technics from the data she will be trading on, under the supervision of our Hedge fund manager.

Apart from Trading for users, we will also be rewarding our traders with our invaluable coin in amounts proportional to your investment. The Price of one Zeocoin is speculative for the time being as it will allow us better serve and mange the coin. Total minted coin on the Blockchain will be 15 Million, however 500,000 coins have been release into the Blockchain and these 500,000 will be used to reward you as you continue to invest, the price rate for the reward is speculative.


Capital Market trading can be very confusing in regards to: when to start, or stop a trade, at what price should I buy, what will be the price of the commodity tomorrow, which product should I invest in, what is the news saying concerning this product, how do I analyzed the market, are brokers manipulating the price and volume data, which broker is legit, I don’t understand MT4, what is chart, candle stick, indicators, what are they saying, I need 6 -8 months to master this trading system, even after that what strategy should I implement?

These questions are ask by several new and even professional traders, hence the birth of Zita and our web application, so you don’t have to bother, all you have to do is follow our How it Works instruction. And you are earning from the capital market which is currently amounting to more than 6 Trillion USD. Register now and start earning and also receiving fresh new coin as extra reward for patronage.

Why Zeorex

Competitive Benefit

Our investment platform is very simple and user friendly as you don't have to study chart or bore yourselves with trade terms. Just click-click-click and you are earning, it's that easy. We offer realistic return options, as we don't believe in HYIP.

Yes our Blockchain and CryptoCurrency is and will be better than its PREDECESSORS as it is and will be using various proof Algorithms to validate it Blocks. Proof Of Work is doubtless capital intensive and power consuming. Definitively result to the DUMP of such Blockchain with time no matter the value of such Blockchain. To get to the top after 2 years our Blockchain and CryptoCurrency will have it core on everyday commerce activities. Increasing it value.

Our Awesome Values

Easy, Safe, & Secure
Verifiable CryptoCurrency
Easy Payment
Easy Cash Outs
Monthly Email of Trade Data
Decentralize & Hosted Wallet

How it Works

Zeocoin CryptoCurrency and Blockchain is controlled by Zeorex A.I called ZITA; ZITA is in turn secured by Zeocoin's Blockchain. She also participate in Foreign-Exchange, Stock and Crypto Trade on several brokerage platform. Using the brokers provided Application Programming Interface.
Zeorex allow you invest on trade with ease and without fear as you will only get the Profit and any Loss are adsorb by the SYSTEM, -which are very minimal.

App Coming Soon

Create Account

Create an Account by simply supplying a verifiable email. No need for phone number, passport or any other form of identification because we believe in true Decentralization absolute anonymity.

Wallet Initialization & Funding

Your wallets are initialize immediately after registration; which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zeocoin. These wallets are hosted by us. However you can always request for the private key of these wallet. Again TRUE DECENTRALIZATION. Fund and Withdraw from your wallets whenever, wherever.

Invest & Earn

Select an investment plan and invest, sit back and watch your investment grow by the day. Our investment calender has only 30 days in a month, which excludes the weekends. However you can withdraw your earnings on weekends. Please note the withdrawal is every forth night after the previous withdrawal. Withdrawals are instant and don't require approvals.
Get our Coin whenever you invest as reward.

Trade/Investment Terms

Pricing & values

Short Term Policy

Short Term Trade Policy states that the equity you provide will be traded for a short period of time which is exactly one month and a profit of 30% and your principal will be given to you. Leading to 130% Returns of your investment. Withdrawal is done every 14 days

Long Term Policy

Long Term Trade Policy states that the equity you provide is put into trade for series of month within the range of 3 - 6 months and at the end of the season 40 - 80% profit and your principal will be given to you. Leading to 140 - 180% Returns of your investment, which can withdraw every 14 days

Acceptable Currency :

BTC, ETH, Visa & Master Card

Begin Trading

Our Trade Policy Flow Chart


Short Term Policy

Short Max Deluxe Package SMD
Investment Period Of 1 Months 30% of your investment will be return to you after the duration period

Long Term Policy

Long Mini Deluxe Package LMID
Investment Period Of 2 Months 80% of your investment will be return to you after the duration period

Long Term Policy

Long Midi Deluxe Package LMDD
Investment Period Of 4 Months 140% of your investment will be return to you after the duration period

Long Term Policy

Long Max Deluxe Package LXD
Investment Period Of 6 Months 300% of your investment will be return to you after the duration period
Road Map

Zeorex Work Timeline

The Time we took and still committed to take in making sure we took Zeorex from Idea to reality, and from reality to future state.

Zeorex App

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The Zeorex very own app will be available for download for your iPhone or Android™ device!. The mobile app will bring the most out of your membership with special tools designed to enhance your experience.

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